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The original medals were donated by Robert Stebbins, grandson of Joel Stebbins, to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Replicas were produced in 2015 for the University of Illinois Observatory.

Draper Medal awarded by the National Academy of…

Unitron camera
Wooden box (9 ½ x 7 x 7) with hinge lid, three 2-sided film holders. It takes 2 ¼-inch by 3 ¼-inch glass plates or sheets of film. An air-operated shutter types speeds of 1/10 to 1/90 second in addition to bulb and time. Comes with ground-glass…

Rumford Medal
Gold medallion in 3.5 inches square leather case with green velvet. interior. Metal approximately 3 inches diameter, made of gold. Front contains left facing profile of Lord Rumford. Reads “Born 1753 * Benjamin Count Rumford * Died 1814.” Back reads…

Three tracings by Warner and Swasey for the University of Illinois.

1) 24 ft. Dome section, tracing B2860, dated April 21, 1896. Stamped with "University of Illinois Observatory."

2) 24 ft. Dome and 12-in Equatorial General Dimensions, tracing…

Color postcard from 1914 showing the south campus. Taken from University Hall looking south. Burrill Avenue is under the trees long the center right. The Auditorium is center. The Observatory is the white dome to the left of the Auditorium.

 Celestial Globe by Denoyer-Geppert Company
Paper, metal stand
16-inch Celestial Globe by Denoyer-Geppert Company, Chicago, circa 1956. Blue sky with black and yellow stars, constellation borders, lines, and figures included.

Also a 16-inch celestial globe by George F. Cram's,…

Wood, glass, film

Black rectangular frame with two metal eye hooks on the top. Hung in window, wooden frame, image of moon sandwiched between two pieces of glass and a light diffusor. Illuminates print using light from outside. Seven were made…

Willis Pendulum Astrolabe
The Willis Pendulum Astrolabe was used primarily by the armed forces to determine latitudes and longitudes. The astrolabe is stored in a large green wooden box. It is marked “PENDULUM ASTROLABE David White Co. Milwaukee Wisc USA, No. 65649, M-5107,…

4-inch reflector Celestar
Metal, glass, wood

Celestar telescope with fork-type mounting and electric drive. Includes wood tripod, slow motion adjustment both axes, right ascension and declination setting circles and achromatic 30 mm finder scope. A chain links the three…

Conical log-spiral antenna
Wood, metal

Base is 8-inch in diameter and it is 19 ½ inches long.

Design of the array element was done by Professor John D. Dyson. Installed on the Vermilion River Radio Observatory's 400 x 600 foot cylindrical radio observatory, in operation…
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