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Keuffel & Esser Marine sextant
In the Keuffel & Esser catalog , model 5224D on page 410, cost, $80. Paper label includes model 5224D and serial number 42046. Gun-metal, measuring angles up to 130 degrees, radius 6-in graduated on solid silver to 20 minutes, vernier to 30 seconds.…


Heliostat foucault
Metal, glass

Also Foucault siderostat. Marked “Societe Genevoise, pour la construction, D’instruments de physcique, Geneve.” Wind up drive does not work. Spirit level on black metal base with 3 leveling screws.

Siderostats are used with a…


P & R Wittstock transit
Metal, glass, wood

There are two transits. The first is transit includes compass and is marked no. 898. Objective is 1-inch diameter and tube is 8” long. One frosted glass shade is missing.

The second transit is marked no. 862 and comes with a…

Warner & Swasey drum chronograph
Metal, wood, glass

The chronograph, made by Warner and Swasey, is permanently mounted in the clock room. Includes wooden box (9 ¼ x 6 ¼ x 50 ¾ inches) connected to counter-weights and pulleys attached to the ceiling. It consists of a brass…

Green Mercury Stick barometer
Wood, metal, glass, mercury

Housed in wooden box with glass sides, hinged wood/glass door, case is 9 ¼ x 6 ¼ x 50 ¾ inches. Originally kept in the entrance hall on the west wall, just north of the door to the transit rooms. Glass on front door…


Large Haines Sidereal clock, 8-inch dial
Aluminum, brass, glass

There are two sidereal clocks, both are electric. The first is 9 ½-inch diameter with a 8-inch dial, black metal base, brass and glass, 3 hands.

The second smaller clock 5 ¼-inch diameter, tag indicates a date of…


Black glass ground plane surface, 3 3/8 diameter, 3 leveling screws, fine graduated adjustable spirit level, and mahogany case.

In the 1913 Keuffel & Esser catalog (page 413) the reflecting horizon cost $16. The reflecting horizon is an…

Metal, glass

Measures 8 ¼ x 6 x 11 ½ inches, lens is 1.7” in diameter.
Director G.W. Myers articulated the need for a Meridian or mire Mark in a March 6, 1897 letter to university President Draper. “Mire mark and Collimator for 3-inch Combined…


IBM master clock
Wood, glass, metal

There are two 60 beat with a Graham dead-beat escapement with micrometer adjustment. Magnet wound, spring drive, self-regulating movement, 63 1/6” x 19 ¼” x 7 5/8”, plain glass door, 12” Arabic dial, white with black numbers,…


Model no. 89, no. 18. Box is 8 ¼ x 8 ½ x 12 inches and screwed closed. Unknown date but estimated around 1908. Used with the selenium cell photometer to measure current and with the photoelectric cell photometer. Visible in pictures of transit room. …
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