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P & R Wittstock transit
Metal, glass, wood

There are two transits. The first is transit includes compass and is marked no. 898. Objective is 1-inch diameter and tube is 8” long. One frosted glass shade is missing.

The second transit is marked no. 862 and comes with a…

Wood, brass, glass

Wooden box with hinged lid, spaces for 12 eyepieces. Includes 1 ¼-inch adapter, 2-inch adapter, 3-inch eyepiece (with cracked lens, visible in 1896 picture), 3-inch Fecker eyepiece with chipped lens, 2-inch right angle, 1…


filar micrometer
Wood, brass, glass

Wooden box (dimensions) with hinged lid, with 4 colored shades (2 green, 2 red), 3 eyepieces with adapter, one smaller eyepiece with adapter, accessories for light.

“Its filar position micrometer consists essentially of a…


Figure 2: Galvanometer and accessories for the selenium photometer. Page 191.

Visible in the photograph are the galvanometer, reading telescope, scale, batteries,Wheatstone bridge, and resistance boxes. Was located in the west-central transit…


Two examples of approximately 270 photographic plates and films taken with the 12-inch refractor and the plate camera. Most of the photographs date to the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Heliostat foucault
Metal, glass

Also Foucault siderostat. Marked “Societe Genevoise, pour la construction, D’instruments de physcique, Geneve.” Wind up drive does not work. Spirit level on black metal base with 3 leveling screws.

Siderostats are used with a…


Hough observing chair
Wood, metal

Wooden frame with moveable seat and eight steps on four castors. Measures 45” x 48” x 103” tall. Moving adjustable chair with foot-rest connected to counter weights slides up and down in the middle of the stairs with in a wooden track.…


The photocell is hand blown glass or quartz. Within in the cell is an alkali metal (lithium, sodium, or potassium) that covers the inside and is a cathode emitting electrons when illuminated. A well insulated wire forming a ring centered in the…

Lantern slide of the 30-inch reflecting telescope after it was rebuilt between 1925-1927. The dual-channel photoelectric photometer hangs on the end of the telescope. The rebuilt telescope was located in a 15-foot domed Observatory located on…


Lantern slide of the photoelectric photometer around 1925. From the Observatory's lantern slide collection, marked "PE 2." Robert Baker continued Stebbin's photometry work when he arrived at Illinois in 1923. He continued to use the 12-inch…


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