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The telescope is a refractor with an objective of 12.4 inches clear aperture and of 15 ft. focal length. The objective is by J.A. Brashear of Allegheny, the curves used being those of Professor Charles Hasting. The objective is a doublet, or…


Mahogany wood, brass, silver, glass

Chronometer of 56-hour duration is set in gimbals in a mahogany box. Serial number #2805. John Bliss and Company was active 1857-1956.

Marine chronometer within wood box with hinged lid measuring 7-inches…

Troughton & Simms universal transit telescope
Wood, metal, glass

Stored in 2 large wooden boxes (22 ¼ x 12 ½ x 14 ¼ and 22 x 22 ½ x 17 inches). Transit consists of base with three leveling screws, telescope, striding level, 3 eyepieces, several lens caps for the eye pieces and an objective…

Three tracings by Warner and Swasey for the University of Illinois.

1) 24 ft. Dome section, tracing B2860, dated April 21, 1896. Stamped with "University of Illinois Observatory."

2) 24 ft. Dome and 12-in Equatorial General Dimensions, tracing…

Transit telescope
Metal, glass

The principle transit circle was a 3-inch Combined Transit and Zenith telescope designed by Warner & Swasey especially for Illinois. The objective, by John Brashear, was held in place by a special cell that compensated for the…

30-inch Mellish mirror
Wood, metal, glass

Frustrated by the selenium cell photometer's lack of sensivity, Joel Stebbins purchased a large 30-inch reflector in 1912. The original telescope was purchased from C.W. Draper, $1500, #573, July 26 1912. It has previously been…


4-inch reflector Celestar
Metal, glass, wood

Celestar telescope with fork-type mounting and electric drive. Includes wood tripod, slow motion adjustment both axes, right ascension and declination setting circles and achromatic 30 mm finder scope. A chain links the three…

6-inch f/16 equatorial refractor by Jeslerski
Metal, brass, glass, wood

Donated by Mrs. Ruth Scott of Chrisman Illinois in 1971. Equipped with solar filter, diagonal, slow motion, 60 mm guide telescope, 25 and 50 mm finders, equatorial mount on heavy movable wooden tripod. Valued at $1,500 in…


Joel Stebbins used the selenium cell photometer to study the known variable star Algol. The improved accuracy of the photometer revealed the second minimum and the limb darkening.

Unitron camera
Wooden box (9 ½ x 7 x 7) with hinge lid, three 2-sided film holders. It takes 2 ¼-inch by 3 ¼-inch glass plates or sheets of film. An air-operated shutter types speeds of 1/10 to 1/90 second in addition to bulb and time. Comes with ground-glass…
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