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Vermillon Radio Observatory
Post text: "Radio telescope at the Vermilion River Observatory, University of Illinois. Giant radio telescope 600 feet long, 400 feet wide. A wire mesh on the surface reflects cosmic signals to 274 antennas on the wooden truss, 153 feet high. It is…

Wood, metal, glass

Wooden mahogany case, there was a spare wooden case, height 59.25 cm, width 44 cm, depth 20 cm. The clock is now in the collection of the Adler Planetarium in Chicago

"The Riefler clock has two interesting characteristics. …


Willis Pendulum Astrolabe
The Willis Pendulum Astrolabe was used primarily by the armed forces to determine latitudes and longitudes. The astrolabe is stored in a large green wooden box. It is marked “PENDULUM ASTROLABE David White Co. Milwaukee Wisc USA, No. 65649, M-5107,…

 Celestial Globe by Denoyer-Geppert Company
Paper, metal stand
16-inch Celestial Globe by Denoyer-Geppert Company, Chicago, circa 1956. Blue sky with black and yellow stars, constellation borders, lines, and figures included.

Also a 16-inch celestial globe by George F. Cram's,…

Metal, glass

Eyepiece with crosshairs, 12-inch tall, 11-inch long, tube 1-inch outer diameter, missing an objective lens.

Used with galvanometer to read the reflection off the mirror.

Model EC 1 Echophone
Metal, glass

In 1914, the Observatory was connected to a wireless apparatus to receive radio time signals. The apparatus consisted of one wire 650 feet long stretching from the Observatory to the Auditorium to Lincoln Hall. In 1964, the antenna…

Bubble sextant
Wood, metal alloy, plastic

Marked property Air Force-US Navy, type A-10A. Probably WW II era. Blackened aluminum casting, containing clockwork, lenses, mirrors, buddle level, and rubber eyecup. In fitted wooden box. A small rugged aircraft…


Both of these lantern slides were used by the first director, George W. Myers, at the conference opening Yerkes Observatory held October 18-21, 1897. Myers' work, "The system of Beta Lyrae" was published in the Astrophysical Journal in 1898 (vol. 7,…


Large Haines Sidereal clock, 8-inch dial
Aluminum, brass, glass

There are two sidereal clocks, both are electric. The first is 9 ½-inch diameter with a 8-inch dial, black metal base, brass and glass, 3 hands.

The second smaller clock 5 ¼-inch diameter, tag indicates a date of…


Green Mercury Stick barometer
Wood, metal, glass, mercury

Housed in wooden box with glass sides, hinged wood/glass door, case is 9 ¼ x 6 ¼ x 50 ¾ inches. Originally kept in the entrance hall on the west wall, just north of the door to the transit rooms. Glass on front door…


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