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Looking south toward the north entrance of the Observatory. The transit telescope is visible in the window of the western most transit room. This transit telescope had an objective of 2-inch diameter and was made by Newton & Company of London,…

Looking southwest toward the north entrance of the observatory.

Looking south at the north entrance to the Observatory. The eastern most transit room is partially open. The windows in all four transit rooms would slide down and a shutter in the roof would open allowing the transit telescope the ability to…

Figure 1: Selenium cell in ice-pack attached to 12-inch refractor. Page 190.


Figure 2: Galvanometer and accessories for the selenium photometer. Page 191.

Visible in the photograph are the galvanometer, reading telescope, scale, batteries,Wheatstone bridge, and resistance boxes. Was located in the west-central transit…


Postcard looking down Mathews Avenue at the south side of the Observatory. Behind the Observatory are visible the weather station, a small observatory containing a 4-inch refractor, and several small brick piers for portable instruments. The…

One of over 1000 lantern slides in the Observatory's collection. Labelled "E1" this is a photograph of the photoelectric photometer Dr. Joel Stebbins and Dr. Jakob Kunz used to observe the solar eclipse on June 8, 1918. The photograph also appeared…


Lantern slide of the 30-inch reflecting telescope after it was rebuilt between 1925-1927. The dual-channel photoelectric photometer hangs on the end of the telescope. The rebuilt telescope was located in a 15-foot domed Observatory located on…


Lantern slide of the 30-inch reflecting telescope purchased in 1914. The mirror had a focal length of 20-inches and was made by John Brashear. The mount might also be by Brashear. This lantern slide is part of the Observatory's collection and is…


Lantern slide of the Observatory's counting machine. This piece of equipment was used by the third director, Robert Baker, to analyze photographic plates of the Milky Way during his research 1938-1951. The lantern slide is part of the Observatory's…


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