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Color postcard from 1914 showing the south campus. Taken from University Hall looking south. Burrill Avenue is under the trees long the center right. The Auditorium is center. The Observatory is the white dome to the left of the Auditorium.

Wood, glass, film

Black rectangular frame with two metal eye hooks on the top. Hung in window, wooden frame, image of moon sandwiched between two pieces of glass and a light diffusor. Illuminates print using light from outside. Seven were made…

Vermillon Radio Observatory
Post text: "Radio telescope at the Vermilion River Observatory, University of Illinois. Giant radio telescope 600 feet long, 400 feet wide. A wire mesh on the surface reflects cosmic signals to 274 antennas on the wooden truss, 153 feet high. It is…

Lantern slide of the photoelectric photometer around 1925. From the Observatory's lantern slide collection, marked "PE 2." Robert Baker continued Stebbin's photometry work when he arrived at Illinois in 1923. He continued to use the 12-inch…


Photograph of the photoelectric cell photometer attached to the 12-inch refractor. The photograph dates to about 1913-1915. During the summer of 1915, Dr. Stebbins took this photometer to Lick Observatory to study the variable star Beta Lyrae.…


Lantern slide of a photoelectric cell made by Jacob Kunz. Part of the Observatory's lantern slide collection, marked "PE 5."


Two examples of approximately 270 photographic plates and films taken with the 12-inch refractor and the plate camera. Most of the photographs date to the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Photograph of the 4-inch Ross-Fecker camera with the 4-inch Fauth refractor as the finderscope.

The instrument was a refractor of 4-inch aperture and 28-inch focal length (f/7) with a scale of 290”/mm. It held 8x10 inch glass plates covering 20…


Wood, glass, metal

In 2 wooden boxes, hand painted glass slides in mahogany wood, several with moving parts, total of 35 lantern slides. Similar collections on-line have them made of mahogany, with brass handles and movements, stamped and…


Both of these lantern slides were used by the first director, George W. Myers, at the conference opening Yerkes Observatory held October 18-21, 1897. Myers' work, "The system of Beta Lyrae" was published in the Astrophysical Journal in 1898 (vol. 7,…


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