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Unitron camera
Wooden box (9 ½ x 7 x 7) with hinge lid, three 2-sided film holders. It takes 2 ¼-inch by 3 ¼-inch glass plates or sheets of film. An air-operated shutter types speeds of 1/10 to 1/90 second in addition to bulb and time. Comes with ground-glass…

Wood, brass, glass

Wooden box with hinged lid, spaces for 12 eyepieces. Includes 1 ¼-inch adapter, 2-inch adapter, 3-inch eyepiece (with cracked lens, visible in 1896 picture), 3-inch Fecker eyepiece with chipped lens, 2-inch right angle, 1…


Wood, metal, glass

Small wooden box (4 ¾ x 2 ¾ x 2”), 11 shades, some marked .66, .86, 1.31, 1.56, 1.80, 2.95, 4 unlabeled. Possibly 1917.

Made reference to use of shades in several papers including Nova Aquilae and Algol (1921).


Heliostat foucault
Metal, glass

Also Foucault siderostat. Marked “Societe Genevoise, pour la construction, D’instruments de physcique, Geneve.” Wind up drive does not work. Spirit level on black metal base with 3 leveling screws.

Siderostats are used with a…


astronomy plate camera
Wood, brass

Wooden box (9 ½ x 9 ½ x 9) with hinge lid, two film holders, several 3-inch x 3-inch glass filters. The plate camera is an original piece of equipment made by Warner and Swasey. It takes 2 ¼-inch by 3 ¼-inch glass plates or sheets of…


Brashear visual spectroscope
Wood, brass, glass

Comes with large wooden box with hinged lid (24” x 14” x 8”), 12”tall stand (obs 726), and accessories. It includes a dense flint prism and a reflection diffraction grating. Crosshairs and a precise scale permit the measurement…

filar micrometer
Wood, brass, glass

Wooden box (dimensions) with hinged lid, with 4 colored shades (2 green, 2 red), 3 eyepieces with adapter, one smaller eyepiece with adapter, accessories for light.

“Its filar position micrometer consists essentially of a…


Alvan Clark Polarizing photometer
Wood, brass, glass

Wooden box with hinged lid, barlow adapter, brass ring. Box measures 30” x 9” x 9”. The photometer is 24” long.

The visual photometer utilizes the polarizing properties of doubly-refracting crystals to measure stellar…


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